Spotlight On: Alice’s Adventure Under Ground

Everyone has heard the story about Alice in Wonderland… it’s a childhood classic!

Now, the Brisbane entrepreneurs at Cobblestone Productions have bought the pages of the much-loved story to life in a reproduction of the original handwritten manuscript of Alice in Wonderland to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

With permission from the British Library (where the original manuscript is still housed) the team at Cobblestone Productions present two exquisite editions of the enchanting tale that look exactly like they did when the book was first presented to Alice Liddell as a Christmas gift 150 years ago. This rare collectors edition is available exclusively from and is a keepsake to cherish for generations to come.

So, if you’re looking for a gorgeous gift for an expectant mother, children, neighbours,¬†friends or even grandparents, Alice’s Adventures Underground is the perfect gift that they will treasure for a lifetime.

You can read more about this special anniversary edition book here, and you can see the original manuscript online here.

Spotlight On: Alices Adventures Underground | Brisbane Threads

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