Add Some Sparkle with Closet Chronicles

For years, women in the workforce have been led to believe that corporate attire should be predictable and lackluster, the simple pencil skirt and blouse combo with little colour and sparkle.

But alas, there’s someone here to shake it up!

Closet Chronicles is a new online contemporary jewellery boutique striving to answer the pertinent question – how do you master business chic? Focused on adding a flamboyant twist to the corporate woman’s wardrobe, Roxanne Harding and sidekick Ashley Hanger are making a rumble in the local jewellery scene.

Image credit: Courier-Mail

Eliminating the generic aspect of fashion jewellery giants, Closet Chronicles prides itself on exclusivity and limited production of each piece, meaning you’re bound to find something unique that you won’t see everyone else wearing.

Debut collections ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Pretty in Pink’ have come and gone after being welcomed with hearty praise from fashionistas who were quick to support the local label. Don’t despair though if you missed out, because two new collections have made their way onto Closet Chronicles online store – ‘Mediterranean Mystique’ and ‘Heavy Metal’ – and if I say so myself, they’re looking very good!


Mediterranean Mystique is crafted primarily on turquoise, smoky quartz and brushed silver and perfectly pairs with wardrobe staples to give a fashion-forward, but still business-savvy look. Outside of the office, the Mediterranean collection is perfect for summer days and garden parties when paired with a cute skirt or your classic denim.

Meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum, the brand-spankingly-new Heavy Metal collection is a range of gold, silver and bronze pieces that will add a whole lot of funk to spice up your outfit. But be quick – some pieces of this heavy-duty hardware range are set to sell out soon, so better snatch them up now or be sad and sorry for yourself later (I’m desperately eyeing off the Tabitha Coin Necklaces in gold and silver).

Roxanne sources supplies and materials from all over the world to create striking pieces inspired by her wanderings abroad to encourage women to establish their personal style, especially in the workplace.

Keep your eyes on the Closet Chronicles Facebook page because the stylish devils will be bringing a new collection to the online store monthly.


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