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Active Activities in Brisbane

With the Active Wear Phenomenon HIIT-ing trends in our the city, what better way to fit into your jeans with Autumn upon us than by getting active in your active wear and doing active activities in Brisbane! Instead of a suburban walk/run or your standard gym workout, here are a bunch of active activities in Brisbane that will get your heart pumping and make you feel good, no matter the season.

From walks along the river to yoga, pilates and boxing, here’s what to do if you want to work out in Brisbane.


The River City as we know it has some spectacular walks on offer, you just have to walk the talk. Now, depending on what suburb you live in.. some of these might be a mere 2-minute drive or walk if you’re feeling fit, however, some may be a little longer but we can assure you they are worth the view. Now, let’s get walking and talking somewhere that is interesting, sunny and will help you fit into your winter jeans. Here are our top 5: the Kangaroo Point Stairs, the Brisbane Riverwalk, the Boondall Wetlands, through Newfarm and Tenerife and the Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk.

Cedar Creek Falls: 

Being active in Brisbane does not always mean blood, sweat and tears and a limp for the following week….it can also mean getting off your butt and getting some good ol’ vitamin D. Since we are talkin’ the talk, Brisbane, the best Waterfall in close quarters to the city is the Cedar Creek Falls at Mt Tambourine. You’re in for an active day, so pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the outdoors.

Trampoline Parks:

We realise that trampolining may be so 2005 and a flashback to your primaryschool days, however jumpin’ around having fun while getting somewhat fit, kind of hits the jackpot. Here are our, and soon to be your, faves:

Rock Climbing: 

The following top 5 have a range of indoor and outdoor rock climbing options. If you love an adrenalin kick, rock climbing is definitely for you. Plus, there is also ‘The Brisbane Rockclimbing Club’ that promotes a social interaction between climbers and showcase tips, events and means of communication between other climbers. The newest of the 5, Crank, is a 100 percent new set-up that Brisbane’s elite and most committed rock climbers are loving. Located amongst the abundance of restaurants in Mt Gravatt, why not also get a feed on the way home?! Yum Cha is awesome if you’re a newie.

Golf/Putt-Putt/Driving Range: 

Brisbane has a lot of options when it comes to golf, putt-putt and driving ranges, so in order to narrow it down, we have taken a bunch of recommendations and our personal faves to create this ‘active’ list for the golf lovers.


Harlow Hot Yoga, Stretch Yoga and Hath/ Dynamic Yoga – (Pure Health Clubs) are our three favourite Yoga go-to’s when we have our active wear kit on. If you want to give yoga a go before you commit, MediBank has joined up PURE Health Clubs for free Yoga sessions at Southbank. If you are keen to stretch it out, head over to the MediBank Feel Good Program and find out how you can get involved. Classes are on five days a week until April 30. The program will make both you and your wallet feel awesome (you don’t even need to book and $2 parking available until 9am).

New to Brisbane: 

If none of these tickle your fancy, there are a couple of new workouts in Brisbane that you should definitely try. Jump into the ring with 9Round and experience a fast and effective full body workout in 30 minutes that burns up to 500 calories through a series of boxing circuits.  Or for a leg burning workout, try InspireCycle’s new studio at Tenerife. And last but not least, go back in time and put your dancing shoes on for a barre workout, the latest craze to hit Brisbane’s active scene. Learn more about barre and the new Barre Body studio here.

Brisbane Calendar:

And just when you thought you couldn’t get more active around Brisbane…if none of the above ideas float your boat – Brisbane has its own active calendar! They travel around Brisbane to different parks with actives that are endless, something has to float your boat – if not try kayaking at Breakwater Park! The list is miles long just for April alone falling on weekdays or weekends who wouldn’t be keen to indulge in Tai Chi Oigong on a Monday morning to sooth their weekend blues or baby boot camp – for the new mums of course! Check it out Brisbane!

If you need some last minute inspiration to help you get moving, these girls know how it’s done: ACTIVE WEAR ACE’S 

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