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Possibly the most famous lover of Absinthe, Oscar Wilde, notoriously said, “After the first glass of absinthe you see things as you wish they were” and doesn’t that ring true for Brisbane’s latest acrobatic, all-singing, all-dancing show pony?!

Absinthe, the latest show from the creators of Empire, is a dazzling spectacle that takes place in the Speigeltent; a seductive, smoky, French-underground-club (that’s actually a big wooden tent in the middle of Brisbane). Having been completely enveloped the minute I walked through the doors, and after ogling one or two Brisbane celebrities in the audience (hello, MKR’s Annie & Lloyd and the Nova Breakfast Boys), I could barely contain my excitement when presented with my first Absinthe cocktail to “get me in the mood” (as if I needed any help)!

The floor seating, where we were, was certainly intimate so prepare to get to know a couple of strangers if you’re in the cheap seats. A comfier alternative definitely looked to be the booths that circle the edge of the tent or the stage side tables that look like something directly off of a Parisian sidewalk.

Part funny, part sexy and part acrobatic, the show itself was a glittering, flexing, foul-mouthed affair that had me dropping my jaw every few seconds; at times, from the “how do they do that” perspective and, at others, from the “I can’t believe she said that” one. A word of warning, this is not a show to take your nanna to – the language is colourful, the jokes offensive, and the flashes of genitalia pretty regular. (Then again, if that’s how your nanna gets her kicks then she certainly won’t be disappointed!)

Personally, my favourite act was the Frat Pack – a trio of tightrope walkers who provided the crowd with plenty of hold-your-breath moments and whose performance was met with raucous applause from the audience. But to say there is something for everyone (as long as they’re not easily offended) is definitely true. There’s a Ukrainian acrobatic quartet swilling shots on stage and performing feats of strength that will impress even the most hardened bodybuilder. Los Dos Tacos are a toned and terrific pair of “Mexican” gymnasts that certainly impressed the ladies in the audience. And my husband (and every other straight guy in the audience) certainly seemed pretty taken with chanteuse Karla Tonkich, whose bare-arsed version of Morphine’s Early to Bed opened the show – complete with pasties and nipple tassels of course.

The Gazillionaire, our bluer-than-a-sailor-on-leave emcee, closed the show with every act receiving a standing ovation from the entire audience. With a limited run, I can’t recommend enough that you dash out today and get your first taste of Absinthe too!

ABSINTHE review | Brisbane Threads

Click here and here for  more information about ABSINTHE by Spiegelworld and follow this link to purchase tickets (prices range from $54-$154). Show duration is 90 minutes with no interval; recommended for ages 15 & above as the performance features some nudity and strong language.

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