A random act of kindness

kindness card

Today the most beautiful thing happened to me. I was gifted a random act of kindness!

The story goes… It was 10:30am and I had already had my caffeine hit for the day, but I was hungry so popped back into the coffee shop downstairs from my work to grab some toast. I ordered and went to get out money to pay when the barista stopped me and handed over a kindness card. He said a man had left the card with $5 with the instruction to surprise a customer by paying for their order.


The ‘random acts of kindness’ concept is one that has been floating around for a little while… However Sydney outfit wakeupsydney.com.au have taken it to the next level by bringing it to the masses.

Their mission is simple: to wake up the best part of your self – your kindness, courage & inner well-being.

Now as a receiver of a kindness card I am charged with the mission to keep the ripple going and do something kind for someone else. And I could not be more excited!

I love that this little card has made it to Brisbane and made my day!

I encourage you to visit wakeupsydney.com.au and join the kindness revolution!

Love Danielle x

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