A foodies guide to the Eat Street Markets

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With a group of 5 friends in tow I ventured to the Eat Street Markets at Hamilton wharf last Saturday night eager to test out what I’ve heard is Brisbane’s hippest foodie event. And boy is that an understatement! Eat Street Markets, established by food and market leader Peter Hackworth, producer John Stainton and TV celebrity Jacki MacDonald, is a haven of multi-cultural street food that will seduce your tastebuds and ignite sweet aromas for hours at a time. The trio (Hackworth, Stainton and MacDonald) has been successful in their quest to replicate the street food markets of Asia with the lively atmosphere of the Eat Street Markets unrivaled in the Brisbane food scene. On Friday and Saturday night Hamilton wharf is lit up with fairy lights and styled industrially with up to 60 shipping containers housing mini restaurants while warehouse pallets and milk crates topped with synthetic turf provide humble seating arrangements.

So without further ado, here is my foodies guide to the Eat Street Markets, complete with commentary from the 5 sets of tastebuds that accompanied me on this tasty gastronomical adventure…

Chitty Banh BanhThe fresh and whole coconuts that line the counter will draw you in, but the Vietnamese fusion food will keep you coming back for more. Plus you might even spot Queensland’s 2013 My Kitchen Rules representatives Jake and Elle manning their container.


WholesomenessOrganic, gluten free and nutrient dense meals are ready to be devoured at Wholesomeness by those looking for a healthy alternative. Think raw, vegan chocolate treats, Baharat Spiced Chicken, Rib-fillet with Chimichurri and a variety of meatball flavours.

Street St. Stuffed roti or roti with a side of curry. Whichever you prefer, the guys at Street St. will have you coming back for more of their authentic Malaysian roti cani!

Koma Slidersmales unite at Koma Sliders where mini Korean fusion burgers are served in three flavours – holy cow, hot chick and sweet pig – to the awaiting carnivores. Get in there too ladies, their $6 each or 3 for $16.


Michaels Steamed Dumplings – The tastes of northern china in the form of steamed dumplings. Be sure to try the BBQ pork bun and shallot pancake combo – to quote my dumpling taste tester: “Even the most unattractive food tastes delicious.”

Authentic Mexican Street Food – This little container dishes out Mexican street flavours. You can’t go wrong with 4 tacos or burritos for $10!

Banneton’s Wood Fired Pizzas – Perfect wood fired pizzas in a range of toppings are made to order here and, judging by the number of pizzas that floated past me in the crowd, this one’s an Eat Street favourite.

Five Sisters Greek Cuisine – Everything from grilled haloumi, souvlaki, gyros and mixed platters are served from this little blue kitchen. The line may be long but your tastebuds will thank you for it.

Honey Puff King – my group of taste testers were full to the brim by the time we got to The Honey Puff King so we shared one bowl between six. Afterwards, everyone wished they had got their own bowl plus take-home packs. One word, perfection.

Yoghurt Republic – Here you’ll find fresh juices and smoothies as well as frozen yoghurts and other fruity treats. Perfect to quench that thirst between dishes.

Miss Claudes Crepes – Whether you make your own combo or choose one of Miss Claudes own, don’t miss this gem for its sweet and savory crepes. Try the Romeo & Juliet or European inspired ‘Moulin Rouge’ and ‘Arc de Triomphe,’ and devour anything with nutella without hesitation.


The Rice Hut Uber fresh and crunchy Vietnamese inspired rice paper rolls are made here as you order. They are authentic, delicious, healthy and are easy to eat on the go as you wonder around the market.

Wurst-meister – Gourmet German sausages anyone? The Wurst-meister has every kind, from Bratwurst, cheese, cransky, debreziner and currywurst, all with a side of sauerkraut.

Gozleme World – Authentic Turkish gozleme with dips. The spinach and feta with hummus and carrot dip was demolished!

Okonomi House – Japanese pizza with fresh Australian ingredients. They’re definitely going to be my first stop when I venture back to EatStreet in the not-so-distant future.

Image from the Okonomi House Facebook Page
Image from the Okonomi House Facebook Page


The Eat Street Markets on are every Friday and Saturday at Hamilton, on MacArthur avenue, from 4-10pm. For more information check out the website and Facebook page and be sure to treat your tastebuds to the flavours of the Eat Street Markets sooner rather than later.


First image via Eat Street Markets.

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  1. Don’t forget MAR Y TIERRA – amazing and tasty Chilean food. The cerviche is fresh, juicy, and delicious and the baked empanadas have a wholesome home-made feel to them. If you’re lucky you might get to meet the newest member of the team: their little baby girl who is 2 months old!

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