A Fashionable Adventure with Beau In The Woods

“You know that feeling when you go on holidays? That you can completely turn off, relax and just chill out?  That happy moment … Beau is about not over thinking anything but just creating wearable pieces that our girls feel good in.”

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 That, our fashionable friends, was one of the many colourful responses I got from Kylie Dadson, who, despite conversing via email, effortlessly translated her lively nature and the equally vibrant travel-luxe aura that is Beau In The Woods, the label she founded and designs.

Since her first collection debuted in 2010 with just three styles, Kylie has climbed the ‘designer to watch’ ladder with ease thanks to the labels unique photographic prints and utterly wearable silhouettes that have a “sunny Queensland girl vibe” radiating from their very foundations.

This week we caught up with Kylie to have a chat about Beau, as she affectionately calls the always colourful label, its reason for being and of course those special prints.

Kylie said Beau In The Woods “was developed out of wanting to offer our customer something different to what we were buying off other (fabulous) designers… and grew from there,” with the label smoothly finding and defining its distinctive aesthetic.

Kylie said the labels quirky name represents a sense of adventure and a love of classic styles and prints inspired by wanderlust. “For me, Beau is the Love and In The Woods is the adventure of life. I think this probably sums up our customer too – they love life, they have a great sense of adventure and they love trying new things too,” she said.

It seems pretty self explanatory doesn’t it – the name, and subsequently the label, represent the epitome of a fashionable adventure, with trans-seasonal silk pieces that are “beautifully fabricated” and embellished with what Kylie describes as “wanderlust prints.”

And wanderlust inspired they are, with each piece purposefully designed to ooze summery vibes and ignite the travel bug within – a refreshing sight in an industry crowded with meaningless fast-fashion. In conquering the perils of the modern fashion industry Kylie has consistently developed exclusive photographic prints that arouse an involuntary swoon at the sight of each coveted piece and the tropical destination they transport you to.

beau in the woods

Each photographic print is the result of a creative collaboration between Kylie and another creative, one being her photographer stepfather Col Ellis who has given her five of his Gallery Twenty Seven studio works to use and develop into wearable art.

“I am pretty lucky, I have a great relationship with him and he is a beautiful person that is amazingly talented when it comes to capturing natural beauty,” she said of Col, who is an AIPP master of photography.

Intrigued, I asked about the collaboration process, wondering whether the photo came first or if it was the product of a thought-out concept and styled shoot. Her response made me laugh, as I soon realised the label was an extension of her happy-go-lucky vibe.

She said it works something like this… “Hey Col, you know (that) photo, I love, love, love it  … can I pretty please use it for one of my prints?” “Sure Kyles!” And presto, a new print is born.

While the working relationship between Kylie and Col is relaxed on the surface, it goes without saying that a great deal of hard work goes into each print collaboration that Kylie works on, perhaps even more so when local artists are involved.

Last year Beau In The Woods worked with Brisbane artist Matt Stewart on a New York City skyline inspired print for the YOU’RE THE CHRYSLER BUILDING collection and more recently Kylie said “a beautiful Byron based artist will be featured for our summer 14/15 collection,” although she stayed tight-lipped about the yet-to-be-named collaborator. Also, in the past and into the future, Kylie said she has enjoyed using photos from her own adventures, and has been inspired by and subsequently developed prints using the photographs of family and friends.

One particular trip to India last year has inspired a number of prints in the upcoming collections Kylie said, with photographs taken on the trip being used throughout 2014. “We have developed and produced 3 new print collections so far which we will be dropping over coming months,” with one potentially hitting the shelves this weekend – we can hardly wait to see what’s in store next!

“We’ll do jackets, pants and capes but our aesthetic is trans-seasonal silk pieces. Throw opaques on under a silk frock, add a knit and that’s our winter. You can then wear the same dress in summer with sandals. For us, we will be forever chasing summer, after all, it’s always summer somewhere in the world!”

After all, as the ‘about us’ tab of the official Beau in the Woods website proclaims – ‘Beau In The Woods is a destination where the lifestyle is tropical, the cocktails are a callin’ and a wanderlust daydream is always applauded.’

Not bad for someone who originally studied journalism and communications with the intention of working for a fashion magazine right?!

Check out Beau In The Woods online boutique here, or for the full experience visit them at their flagship store on James Street, Fortitude Valley, to live the magic of each print in person.
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(All images supplied by Kylie or from www.beauinthewoods.com)

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