A confession of a yogi wannabe…

Recently I had the privilege of trying the Inna Bliss Six-Week Beginner Yoga Course. Full disclosure; to say I am a beginner at yoga would be a bit of lie. But then it would also be telling the truth, because in some ways I feel like yoga is one of those things that no matter how much you do there is always more to learn.

My very first experience of yoga was watching a video cassette (not a DVD, so that might reveal my age #AnyoneElseAn80sChild) back in the early 2000’s… I then tried class after class; hopping between studios and yoga styles for the next ten years.

I’ve always felt like I needed yoga in my life; however I never found a yoga that clicked with me… so I would do a few classes and then stop for a few months. In 2013 after the birth of my first son, I went to a mummy/baby yoga class at Inna Bliss Yoga. Everything changed. I found a style of yoga that suited me. It was calming, focused yet it also challenged me.

One of the most profound things I remember hearing at Inna Bliss is that yoga is a practice. It is not called yoga perfect. This really resonated with me (being the perfectionist I am) to let go of all these imperfections on the mat. But the most profound thing I have found is that this philosophy translated to my life too. The more I practice yoga the greater my ability to ‘practice’ life… as opposed to aim for perfect.

Since becoming a mama, I have practiced on and off at Inna Bliss and every time I am there I leave wanting more.  Like many of us the ‘busy’ in life; living, working, injuries, raising a family etc (I call this the blah blah blah of life) has gotten in the way of a more regular practice. So I was thrilled to experience the Six-Week Beginner Yoga Course. What I loved most about this course was the excitement of all of the other participants, many of whom had never actually done a yoga class before! At the start of the beginner classes there was chatter and nervous giggles; it was refreshing to see people experience yoga for the first time.

The pace of the beginner class was brilliant, I actually discovered that I had been doing some poses incorrectly for all these years #whoops.  It was fantastic to start at the beginning again; to learn how to breathe, which parts of the body to engage and also learn some of the benefits of particular poses. Some poses help with circulation, stress and can even aid sleep. As someone who was coming back from an injury I found the six-week course helped me modify my practice and deepen my technique. I felt supported, encouraged and refreshed during the course. The beginner courses at Inna Bliss are regularly held across all three of their Brisbane studio locations at Camp Hill, Bulimba and Wynnum.

Inna Bliss runs a variety of classes daily across all their three studios with a style of yoga to suit everyone. Whether you are after a more challenging Vinyasa class, Essentials (which is great for beginners), Slow Flow or Yin there is a style of yoga for you.

This yogi wannabe caught up with the Inna Bliss studio manager Claudia and asked her a few burning questions…

Claudia, Top tips for a beginning yogi?

Breathe and listen to your body. Don’t worry about what is happening on anyone else’s mat, just focus on what you feel. Take your time to develop a good understanding of the basics.  The same alignment cues you use in your beginner poses are the same alignment cues you will use in your more advanced postures so take the time to let these be absorbed in your body and mind. Move slowly and let yourself feel everything.

Best time of day to practice?
You can practice at any time of the day but an ideal practice will meet the natural rhythms of the body and the season. A morning practice should be more active, we have just had a good nights rest, it’s time to get the body and energy flowing in preparation for the day ahead.  A practice in the evening should be more easeful, we’ve already expanded a lot of energy during the day, so now is a time to come inward, to soothe the mind, clear out anything we’re holding onto from our day so that our sleep can be deep and nourishing.
What should I eat or drink before class?
It’s best to practice on an empty belly as digestion stops when our asana starts. If you really need to have something, make it something easy to digest like some fruit or yoghurt.
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Anyone else a yogi wannabe? Or maybe a complete yoga novice?  We would love to hear about your yoga experience.

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