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Wild Rice is the creative endeavour by Jess Saxton, a colourful soul of our city who is a journalist by trade and works her magic behind a camera.

Wild Rice is where Jess publishes everything from photo galleries, travel musings, opinion pieces, music journalism and perfectly created zines.

But first, why does she call herself Wild Rice?

Jess said the name found her after she spent years scribbling designs of front pages and looking for a name that would suit her dream-magazine.  Rice came onto her radar and seemed perfect because it is a common ground that unites so many cultures and is something small that has a huge impact. It came to symbolise everything she wanted her work to be, and so, Wild Rice was born.

“My work reflects my personality, it’s kind of a window into the way I see the world. Ideally I want my images and stories to inspire people, to be inspired by their own reality and by others. It’s all about seeing the magic and beauty in front of us and showing it in a positive way.”

Like any good journalist, Jess uses words to illustrate her story and thoughts. But unlike those in her field, her photography takes your breath away.

Wild Rice Photography captivated me from the moment I laid eyes on the showcased collection at the RAW Spectrum event in April. Wild Rice photography stood out, and I immediately wanted to know more about the creative genius behind the lense (and alas here we are!).

Jess strives to create work that is pure and honest through her main subjects – community, culture, events and people in their everyday habits.

She also does fashion shoots in collaboration with emerging locals to promote their talent.

“I love to work as a candid photographer, capturing moments of truth that otherwise might have been missed and outing them in the spotlight…. I’m inspired by people; I love to see how people interact with each other, themselves and their realities. Its infatuating.”

On her recent trip to Colombia she captured the vibrant culture and life of its inhabitants, from the “very straight” people around the city to the “flamboyant” ones from the coast. Check out her Instagram @wildricepics for some travel-inspiring eye-candy that makes you feel immersed in the culture, lifestyle and cuisine of the pulsating country.


As if that’s not enough creative genius-ness, Jess makes her own unique zines, which are perfectly created ‘baby magazines’ that are published online and full of musings, stories and photography by the talented gal. Anyone can make one, but I can assure you Wild Rice Zines by Jess Saxton will reign supreme.

So far, there are 3 issues of Wild Rice Zines (view here) available to download and view, with more in the pipeline, including one soon with a Brisbane street artist!

You’ll have to keep an eye on Jess and add Wild Rice to your favourites tab – you won’t be able to get enough of this Brisbane creative once you start spectating her beautiful way of life!


Visit http://wildrice-online.com for more work by Jess Saxton and follow her on Instagram @wildricepics



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