7 Tips for Surviving a Warehouse Sale!


I went along to the Sass & Bide warehouse on Sunday … and I am ashamed to say it was (at 26 years of age) my first warehouse sale!! I don’t know why I have avoided them for so long… I guess I always thought I either didn’t need the temptation, it would be too stressful or that all the clothes would be old crap that no one wants anyway. And I am sure that each of them are different… but the Sass & Bide one was fantastic! I went on the third day and they had plenty of stock, some of which was in season now and it was heavily reduced!



So here are my tips for making the most of a warehouse sale!

1. Wear decent underwear and dress or skirt.

I thought I had this sale thing nailed until I walked into the COMMUNAL change room and had a quick panic attack trying to remember what underwear I had worn and whether it was socially responsible striping off in front of a bunch of girls I didn’t know! Ok so it wasn’t that dramatic and everyone is usually aware that everyone is a bit self conscious (so they don’t look) – the tip is just to make sure you are focussing all of your attention onto the clothes you are about to purchase to make sure they are a solid purchase.

2. Go early in the day.

The sales girls are perky from their first coffee and happy to help with your questions. And the clothes are a lot neater and easier for you to sort through and asses.

3. Know what is in season for the brand.

If you can pick up an item at a discounted price that is currently in store you’ll feel extra special walking down the street!

4. Have a budget and know rough prices.

If you start with a budget – well you are definitely going to blow it – but maybe not as badly as if you didn’t have one. Having a budget will make you think twice about whether you’re buying something you will get good wear out of or crap you’ll never wear because it’s only $30. Also if you have a rough idea on what the brand normally charges (sometimes it’s already on the item so you don’t have to worry) you can really understand if you’re getting a bargain or getting conned.

5. Know your wardrobe.

Take a mental note of what items you already have in your wardrobe and where there are gaps. Like have you got a million party dresses but nothing to wear to a family bbq or work on casual Friday? This will help the guilts later when you can completely justify all of your purchases!

6. Bring a friend.

Well bring an honest friend. HOPEFULLY this will help you avoid unnecessary and ugly purchases.


Why 7 tips? Because that’s all I can think of…Above all have fun! Let’s be honest shopping is therapeutic and exciting. Enjoy the fact that as its half price it’s virtually guilt free!


*Image from www.sassandbide.com

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