30 ways to make your market stall more successful! Part Two.

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If you didn’t read Part One first we HIGHLY recommend it… but know you will get just as much useful advice from Part Two!

Part One of this article sparked so much interest we had tips coming in from stall holders left, right and centre!

We have shared our favourites throughout the article.

Hope you enjoy! Be sure to comment below and tell us what you found helpful or your own tips for market success!

16. Ask the organisers of the markets to profile you on their website. Frequent market goers will often visit the organisers website to check out potential stalls. Take advantage of all of that free traffic looking at your product! They’ll be sure to look out for you on the day.

17. Something for your customers to take away. Business cards, branding on bags, flyers, brochures… anything!

“We also have found that a business card or brochure, for the customer to take away to remember you by has helped us plus we put a sticker on the back of every product we sell, that has been the best thing we ever did.” Anna + Ron; Sea Bream Gallery (www.seabream.com.au)

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18. Be engaging. Smile, talk to your customers, come out from behind your stall and give out free compliments!

19. Market day special. Offer an incentive just for the day of the market and advertise it on a sign… everyone loves a bargain!

20. Signage and logos. If this is going to be a business you need to look professional. Factor getting a designer to help you into your start up costs. A fantastic tip from Lynette Stewart from www.zukoh.com is to look into sites like www.freelancer.com which offers a more affordable way to find designers to help you.

21. Wear your product. Not everyone can visualise what a dress on a coathanger looks like on a person… If you sell any item that can be worn (clothes, shoes, jewelry, hats, brooches) WEAR IT!

22. Accessorise your stock. If you are selling fashion items, putting a necklace on over the coat hanger helps the customer imagine what the two pieces look like together. If you are selling homewares couple items of similar nature together so customers start to see the pieces working in their own home.

23. Display your pricing – don’t haggle! You are not selling white goods.

24. Start a blog. Everyone loves learning the unique story behind businesses and products (especially handmade ones). A blog is a way to get FREE web presence and share your story.

25. Variety – price points. Having a variety of price points seems to indicate that you are a serious seller. Selling smaller, cheaper items can be a gateway to build trust with your customers to upsell to the bigger, more expensive items next time.

26. Research – the right market for your product. This tip probably should have been number 1… And comes from Zukoh, who started wanting a purely online business and discovered markets were a great way to move stock and market the business without having big outlays. Back to RESEARCH.

“Find the right market! If you go to a flea/bargain hunters market, you will get people with little cash and a tendency to haggle. If you are trying to get spenders, try lifestyle markets or boutique markets such as Portside, Southbank, Eagle Farm and The Valley. Check out the market the week before you decide to go – it may change your decision!”

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27. Point of difference. I love this example from Irene Pollack of Wind and Water.

“I have done markets for 10 years and have decided to stick to handmade and sell at the Collective Store in Wynnum and Handmade Highstreet at Annerly.. Both are places that I hire a rack and they sell and promote my wares. I do styling sessions for free in each place once a month and I am generating a nice little following and shopping event at both places.. Keep it really simple and have fun..” WOW – offering styling session – what a way to stand out!”

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28. Bring a float. Be prepared for lots of $50 notes.

29. Have a ‘’clearance’ rack and a ‘new stock’ rack. Similar to low and high price points this motivates people to see if they can find a bargain and allows you to upsell.

30. Learn! Talk to fellow stall-holders, read articles like this and start experimenting with what works for your market business.

Was this article helpful? Or do you have your own tips? Let us know in the comments below. We hope you have enjoyed this two-part series!

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