Hii beauty loves! January is almost finito and it’s been a real 100 years since we last gabbed our top beauty faves. So with that said, here are a few little essentials that totally deserve to make an appearance on the wish-list for your next beauty splurge and as always, where to go to grab them in Brisbane.


Other than being an absolutely hilarious individual and a total professional at captioning Instagram snaps, Zoe Foster Blake has her very own, cute AF, Australian skincare line. Hello GO-TO skincare! She’s (excuse the pun) cottoned onto some great things but this one is genius. It’s a silk pillowcase. Why do you need this? Well, in short, our ordinary cotton ones can make your face crease in your sleep so this one will minimize wrinkling. Silk is also a natural fibre so it lets your skin breathe which means less chance of irritation and breakouts. And shiny hair. Our trusty beauty experts say sleeping on silk gives you shiny hair. But if not for any of those reasons,  it says “Hi Cute Face” (so you need it).

WHERE TO FIND ME | Go-To is online only but you’re more than right to assume they ship to Brisbane (and on the same day in Aus if you place your order before 12 PM. Like magic.)


If you’re a lover of glitter and are into rocking a bold eye, then you totally need a little bit of this liquid shadow in your life. In my biased opinion, the best shade is Kitten Karma, a champagne colour potion with silver and copper sparkle. It works well with everything. One swipe over the lid gives the impression you’re some sort of eyeshadow guru by day and makeup wizard by night and you know what, that is totally okay with me! Beauty essential, much?

WHERE TO FIND ME | Mecca Maxima, Mecca Cosmetica and Myer Brisbane (there are 12 locations in Brisbane, discover the closest to you here.)

The BT INSIDER TIP is if you’ve got a bit of matte shadow on, pop a touch of this on the back of your hand and use your pinkie finger to dab it evenly over the eye for a little extra sparkle with your everyday makeup.


Is it just me or did everyone else think Aesop was just a very fancy handwash brand made for product placement in various seasons of The Block? (I mean, some seriously aesthetically strong packaging going on here!) Visit any of their equally beautiful stores and you’ll discover a full-time rockstar Australian skincare brand with plenty of affordable botanical-meets-science based products. To get a little consultation action happening and some delish organic tea, pop into any of the stores listed below. Oh and this cream? Was a gift for someone else that I couldn’t give away. Smelt too fresh and too clean and too soft and now I use it everyday. So yes, it’s totally approved for the wish-list.

WHERE TO FIND ME | Aesop (Brisbane City, James Street, Indooroopilly, Carindale) & Myer Brisbane, David Jones Queen Street.


Highlighting pigments are intimidating. Fab news, this one totally isn’t. If you’re in the beauty loop, you’ll know highlighting is really having it’s moment in the beauty world right now and this one is my absolute favourite. It’s a little on-the-go twist-up wand and it’s so easy to add a little natural shimmer. The formula is creamy and iridescent and, like a lot of Josie Maran products, it’s made with nourishing Argan Oil and Shea Butter.

WHERE TO FIND ME | Your local Mecca Maxima or Myer Brisbane. On on Internet land, on the Josie Maran Cosmetics Website. 

For more low-key glam/no make-up days, a little BT INSIDER TIP is to add a bit of this to the high points of your face (that’s cheekbones, inner corners of your eye and tip of your nose) right after you moisturise for a lil light glow.



I am an absolute sucker for cute packaging. It’s true. And in this instance, I’m so glad. Even though this product is no newbie on the market, it’s sure worth a gab. Boy, this stuff is good! First world problem alert, I “suffer” with dark under eyes and bad circles. If this is you too, give this stuff a go. It’s rich, brightening, absorbs straight away and a little dash under your concealer goes a long way!

WHERE TO FIND ME | Mecca Maxima, Mecca Cosmetica, Myer and David Jones concessions (Have a look here, which of the 11 locations in Brisbane are closest to you. Love a good store locator, don’t you?)

Share with us your beauty faves! What are you absolutely LOVIN’ this month? (We want to try it all.) Write in @brisbanethreads on IG. Until then! xxxx

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