2014 is the Year of Wabi-Sabi Wellness


According to the University of Scranton the number one resolution made by people this year will be to lose weight. Chances are if you’re not in this boat you’re at least thinking a bit of post holiday body kick start could be in order.

Well ladies and gents we’re a whole three days into 2014 and the over indulgence of the holidays has left me feeling tired and bloated and while I rarely stick to my resolutions, a lifestyle change has been in order for some time. Fortunately for me I know this great girl who’s all about wellness in a fun and easy way.  It’s Wabi Sabi Well’s Brieann Boal.

Brieann’s been in the personal training game for some time but her approach to fitness and wellness is one I can really get behind.  In her own words, “It’s not trying to fix you or add ‘shine’ in any way – Rather help you wake up and realise you are already enough.”   Brieann combines metabolism boosting movement like cardio, core, toning, and strength training with massage, meditation and deep relaxation techniques to best produce the results you desire.  Her sessions are customised to each individual client and will have you smiling and loving life – unlike the horrible slogs on the treadmill I so often put myself through!

From personal experience Brieann is a fun, gentle but firm trainer who will have you wanting to push yourself to your limit, even it’s just for the wonderful massage and meditation at the end!  Currently offering one on one services in Brisbane, Burleigh and Byron Bay, you’ll also be able to organise a Skype training session with Brieann if you’re outside these locations.  Talk about new world training!

If personal training isn’t your thing but you love a bit of whimsical, mindful motivation check out her website and feel the stress of the world melt away.

Get yourself on track to keep those resolutions and find the you you’ll love, give Brieann a call for a no obligation quote or get in quick to enter her instagram competition for a month of free training.

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