Winter Sun #ootd

As per usual Brisbane is throwing a spanner in the works for women all across the city. What to wear? Here we were preparing for the onslaught of cold weather a la John Snow, and then the sun comes back out of no where.

While this sun is a blessing in disguise (our chapped lips are saying a quick prayer), it’s been mighty hard to plan an outfit in this weather. In the sun it’s a lovely 22 degrees, but all it takes is a cold breeze and a bit of shade to send us reaching for a jumper…

If you’re as stuck as we are, here’s some outfit inspiration to give you the best of both worlds!

Is this really Winter? Shop the look!

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Tunic | Dress | Blouse | Coat | Slides | Hat | Boots

Denim Jacket | Bag | Shoes | Green Jumper | Jacket | Blush Jumper | Jeans

Feeling inspired yet?


This article is written in collaboration with Tobi. All opinions expressed here are the authors own. 

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